Saturday, January 09, 2010

Clijsters Henin Brisbane Final Highlights

I didn't watch it. I tried to stay up, but the Roddick match took all my energy. Seems it was a barn burner.

Henin drew Serena in the second round of Sydney next week, but citing a leg injury (raise your hand if she looks injured above), she pulled out.


Karen said...


HoiHa said...

Back to her old tricks already??

b said...

On principle I try to refrain from analysing whether someone "looks injured" etc etc

That said -

Shall me resurrect a quote
"“Every time I had to play [the Williams sisters], I was always scared I couldn’t compete with their power.” Now she believes it will be different."
Yeah Right!!! Bwaahahhahahahaaaa

Not to mention
"Her conclusions are honest: “Because I didn’t have enough confidence in myself as a grass-court player. Because I am always scared of playing the Williams sisters on grass, especially Venus.” " - we can edit to remove the "grass" part..... Fact remains, even when she beats them she always looks terrified....

Craig said...

b, you're a badass.

b said...


Dapxin said...


b, bla,
bla, bla bla,
bla bla bla, badass bruises.

Say no further. b closed the case.


Héloïse said...

I think you're overreacting here because she did have some aching grins after serving and holding her left side during the match,if you had seen it entirely.She tried not to show it too much to Kim,that's all,and likewise Kim tried not to show her loss of stamina in the second set that caused all those UE's.

In the days before the final,Carlos was already saying he didn't agree to let JH play in Sydney,fearing for injury before Melbourne,and that was well ahead of the Sydney draw.

Craig said...

Hi Héloïse, thanks for your comment.

No I didn't watch the entire match, and probably won't, so I'll take your word for it.

But Justine's body has been fragile for her entire career. She requested both wildcards and got them, leaving another player for both tournaments wanting. Either she can handle the grind of the tour or she can't. Time will tell.