Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Celebration

We tracked them down. Five probable venues were on some list one of the NetHeads got from someone who worked somewhere in Portland, or so the story goes.

So three of the NetHeads, Job and I put up with the rain and the lines and visited each venue until we found them celebrating at McFadden's.

Andy Roddick, James Blake, Bob Bryan, Mike Bryan, Patrick McEnroe, Robbie Ginepri, Mardy Fish, John Isner, Donald Young, Thomas Blake, Dean Goldfarb, John Roddick, Stan Smith's son, whose first name escapes me at the moment, Brian Barker, agents, managers, girlfriends and others were all there, mixed in with a laughing, drunken crowd, dancing till all hours.

My cell phone battery died. But by the time we found them, it was too late to let anybody know where the party was.

I met many of the players and was humbled by how approachable and sincere they all were.

Close up, all of them are taller and thinner in person than they appear on television or even from the stands.

Andy was still crying. At one point, he said something to James and they shared a teary moment in the middle of the dance floor. Bob left early. Apparently he'll be playing the first reverse singles match later today.

What a day. What a great day.

Special thanks to Job for taking all these photos.


oddman said...

OH MAN! What a fantastic post - great pics and story, Craig. I'm so happy you got to party with the team. (and just a tiny bit envious, but I'm trying to let that go...)
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Savannah said...

Great Craig! What memories you're going to have of this trip.
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous but I'm working on letting that go!
Enjoy the rest of your time there, and more pictures!!!

Pamela said...

You're a better person than I am, Oddman. I'm extremely jealous. lol Awesome pictures Craig, you looked like you were having a blast. I'm so proud of all of them. They really came through. James looks so much better when he shaves. The smiles all around were wonderful.

brooklyn1006 said...

Craig, you rock! Your pix are the bomb! I am a photo freak, so PLEASE post more. I am vicariously living the DC experience through you. I'm havin' fun! lol!!! Seriously, thanx for all the DC coverage and the time and energy you put into your blog.

Karen said...

Hey Craig, I raised a glass to your DC victory today. Awesome victory by all the guys. I know PMac now feels some form of vindication for sticking with his team and never letting any of them go. The way he interacted with them on the sides during changeovers was a thing of beauty. Kept them focused and determined to bring this cup home. As to the pictures, awesome photos dude. And the blog stories are excellent. Read GV Girl's accounts over at Netheads Rock. O.T. Today I wanted to see what ESPN was showing while DC was going on. They were showing arm wrestling - with commentary and everything. I was like, o.k. then. One of the oldest sporting events in the world is going on and you guys are showing arm wrestling. Good call ESPN.

Marius said...

Nice Craig,

I was looking for the Andy picture. Maybe next year.

Take care and I'm glad you had fun.

Craig Hickman said...


Andy was in no position to pose for a picture last night/this morning.

Nice to see you.

tangerine said...

SCORE! That is awesome Craig. What a terrific experience you've had that I'm sure you'll treasure forever. Thanks for the great photos and the updates you posted throughout the weekend.

paula said...

Wow! Great pics. I think that it is soooo cool that you got to hang with the team! But what do you mean that Andy was in "no shape" to get his picture taken? Explain!!! Also, did anyone else think it was wierd that there was all this chewing tobacco thing going on?

Craig Hickman said...

Paula, he was trashed. Thoroughly trashed.

We heard a great story the next day when Andy showed up completely hungover so much so that his face on the jumbo tron during the opening ceremonies elicited laughter from everyone in the crowd.

Two youngsters had been told by their parents that Andy didn't play the reverse singles rubber because he drank a bad glass of wine and had the stomach flu. They probably believe in Santa Claus too. We didn't burst their bubble.

paula said...

That is so funny! Yes, don't burst the bubble of the little ones. They earned their celebration, for sure.

But what about the chewing tobacco?

Craig Hickman said...

Can't say as I noticed any tobacco, paula.

Mad Professah said...

Is James as phyne in person as he is in pictures, Craig??

Craig Hickman said...

I was wondering who would ask that question.

Suffice it to say, his pictures and television appearance don't do him justice.