Friday, November 10, 2006

Roddick Ready for Shanghai

November 7 - Tomorrow we head to China. The Masters Cup in Shanghai awaits us. Andy has been working hard as he gets ready for the last few matches of the year. The only bad part is that it is a very long trip to get there. We are leaving early Tuesday morning and will arrive in Shanghai on Wednesday evening local time. There will be a big time change (around 12 hours) to get use to. I have been to Shanghai 3 times and as I told John and Andy it is an enormous city. Really can’t describe it very well, you just have to see it. More construction going on there than any place in the world. Masters Cup is always a tough tournament with the 8 best players in the world all playing against each other in a round robin format. It is also a fun event because each match has 2 of the top players in the game taking on each other. You can really see some great tennis. I will check back in from Shanghai later in the week. - staff

“I have no idea where Roger’s racquets are.”

“We play, you serve like that, I take your firstborn son, no?”

Connors finds a good student
Zhou Zuyi, 2006-11-10,

American tennis legend Jimmy Connors is keen to rediscover China 26 years after his first visit.

The 54-year-old, an eight-time grand slam winner, appeared at the suburban Qizhong Tennis Center in Shanghai yesterday with Andy Roddick, who he now coaches.

Roddick will compete in the Tennis Masters Cup next week.

Connors is the answer to a trivia question - he won the first professional tennis tournament held on the Chinese mainland at the Guangzhou Marlboro Masters in 1980. He beat Eliot Teltscher.

But the native of Illinois admitted his first trip to China was so short that he doesn't remember much.

“I just came and went, literally. Playing the tournament was the top priority for me back then so I don't have any particular memory of this country,” Connors said yesterday. “Therefore I would like to spend some time hanging around this time.”

Having said that, however, Connors was quick to point out his new priority.

“The most important thing used to be my victory, but now Andy is at the heart of the whole campaign,” said Connors, who joined world No. 5 Roddick this summer.

“We are personal friends in the first place and plus I like his attitude,” said Connors. “That’s why I decided to give my advice and see where it will take him.”

For his part, Roddick said the partnership is working out well. “Everyone keeps asking what is the best piece of advice or lesson I’ve learned from Jimmy,” Roddick said.

“I still can't explain it. But I'm learning so much, it’s really exciting.”

Connors was known for his determination and relentless style on court. Roddick too possesses that same warrior mentality where nothing short of victory is good enough.

Roddick won the US Open in 2003 and reached the final this year before losing to world No. 1 Roger Federer.

Connors certainly has the track record to help. He won five US Open titles, and is the only player to win this grand slam event on three different surfaces. Connors also won two Wimbledons and one Australian Open.


DazlinTina said...

Craig I'm a huge Roddick fan and wish him all the bes. I hope he's healthy and ready for the challenge.

Good read nice photos..

DazlinTina said...

I mean't BEST LOL

motha_trucka said...

If Andy wins this championship, it would be HUGE. All I hope is that Federer loses some confidence versus Nalbandian. Attack Federer in the early rounds, and he's shaken for good. A bagel set on Federer would be awesome because he's never ever eaten one in competition :-)

Craig Hickman said...

dazlintina, we Roddick fans seem to be few and far between. At least those of us who are open about it anyway LOL.

As for what you say, motha_trucka, we can only pray :-)

TheTruth said...

Hey Craig,

I've been reading your blogs. They're wonderful. Not really a Roddick fan, but that article on him sounded very interesting. Like maybe he is ready to take that next step. I hope so. The more competition, the better for tennis as a sport.

Another question?
What kind of books do you write? What are the title(s)?

Craig Hickman said...

Hiya, TheTruth.

You can read all about me if you click on my bio in the sidebar. There's also a link to my other blog - -where you can read excerpts of some of my work.

Anonymous said...

I'M SO EXCITED TO BE ABLE TO SEE ANDY RODDICK BACK IN ACTION SOON!!! It feels like it's been forever! Jimmy will make him play well. I would love to see Roddick win it all! I am sooo sick of Roger Federer.

Srdjan said...

roddick is gettin' beaten 2moro easily. ljubicic is too good for him

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see Roddick win the competition too, hopefully beating Federer in the final. That be just fantastic.

Craig Hickman said...

srdjan, glad you were wrong.

Srdjan said...

it cost me a fortune too... fairplay, he was better today.. goodluck with fedex

Craig Hickman said...

Andy will need much more than luck to take out PR. Maybe Rog will come out ever so slugglishly again.

If Andy can win at least set, it will boost his chances to advance.

I'm now rooting for Ljubejob aka ITT to take out Nalby.

dhd said...

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